Medical and Alternate Contact Information

Short Version:

Note: If you have forgotten your password, reset instructions are available here. Please don't use the "Forgot my password" link.

More detail:

We need to have the Alternate Contact Form and Medical Information form completed in Blackbaud by the family of each student prior to them coming on campus. Fortunately the form is online and you should be able to complete it with a reasonable effort.

Families of juniors need to fill out the Alternate Contact Information form and those of seniors will fill out the Seniors Alternate Contact Information form. You may have done so already - if so it will appear as complete in your family Blackbaud account.

Note: Family accounts look like student email addresses but have a .f1 or .f2 appended to the name, e.g. If you have forgotten your password, reset instructions are available here.

These abbreviated instructions are from a more comprehensive treatment available here.

1) In order to access required contracts and forms, log in to Blackbaud using your family NCSSM email and credentials at

2) Assigned Contracts and Forms can be accessed by clicking on your name in the top right corner of Blackbaud and selecting Files & Forms or by clicking on the Contract to Accept/Forms to Review notification in the Yellow Notification Banner.

3) From this screen you can view the status of all assigned forms and contracts for your student(s). Forms that have not been started will have a green “Review” button next to it, while forms that have been started, but not completed will have an orange “Continue” button. In order to view any forms you have already completed, you can click on the green “Print“ button to view a PDF copy of the completed and submitted form.

4) Find the Medical form, "Alternate Contact Information form" (juniors) and/or "Seniors Alternate Contact Information form" (seniors) and click on the green "Review" or orange "Continue" button to access the form. Please fill out the form, as directed, including the signature and date fields at the bottom. When complete, please be sure they show up as complete/submitted.