Mykayla Williams

Meet the ORCs: Mykayla

August 2023

Name: Mykayla Williams

Hometown: Durham, NC

College/Major: - Fayetteville State University, Bachelor's degree in Biology with a concentration in Biotechnology and Molecular Biology

How long at NCSSM: This is my 2nd year at NCSSM

Other hats: Online Science Program Associate

Favorite aspects of job: Being a part of a team that creates cool experiences for students, and seeing students gather at these events and interact with each other

When I'm not working...: I like to volunteer! I volunteer at the local food bank at least twice a week!

Favorite Dessert: Red Velvet Cake!

Favorite movie: I like a lot of movies but two of my favorites are Napoleon Dynamite and Cat in the Hat

If I could travel anywhere: Tokyo, Japan

Advice for Online students: Use your resources! There's a lot of information about opportunities, specifically for Online Students, that allows you all to create a great high school experience!

Anything else: Don't hesitate to reach out to me with questions! I'm here to help you!