Afzaa Rahman ’22

Afzaa Rahman ’22

Oct. 2021

Hometown: Cary, NC

Home High School: Research Triangle High School

What's your favorite part of your job as an Online Ambassador?
My favorite part about being an Online Ambassador is reaching out to new and prospective students. I remember I had first visited NCSSM, the Online Ambassadors inspired me to apply to the Online program, so I hope that I can do the same for future students as well!

What's your favorite part of NCSSM Online?
Learning about everyone's backgrounds and cultures is probably my favorite part about the NCSSM Online program. Since we're all from different parts of North Carolina tuning in to the same classes, it's really interesting getting to learn more about everyone's everyday lives and the places we all live in.

What's the biggest challenge you've encountered in the Online program?
The biggest challenge I faced in the Online program was not being able to bond with other students as I would have in person. As you can probably imagine, talking over a video call just isn't the same as talking to someone face-to-face.

How have you met that challenge?
Despite this challenge, I was able to get close to other students through various extracurriculars/clubs, the Ambassador program, and the summer Mentorship research program. These experiences allowed me to meet many new people, make new friends, and create long-lasting memories.

What's an "aha" moment you've experienced in one of your Online classes?
In my Honors Introduction to Neuroscience class last year, I remember being really confused about a certain neurological concept. After we read a real-life case study, though, it all fell into place; I was able to not only understand how that specific internal process worked, but also its external impacts and what could happen if that process were to be impaired. Seeing the big picture of neuroscience was truly the biggest "aha" moment I experienced.

What are two of your greatest interests or passions?
Science is one of my greatest passions. Whether it be chemistry, neuroscience, or environmental science, I truly love learning about the scientific phenomena that are involved in all the processes that surround us. Another interest of mine is visual art; I enjoy doing art, especially acrylic painting, during my free time as a way to express my ideas and enhance my creativity.

If you had one year of freedom, what would you want to do?
If I could have a year of complete freedom, I would definitely explore the world. I love travelling and encountering different places, languages, and cultures. I hope to visit every continent on the globe over the course of my lifetime (yes, including Antarctica), while meeting new people and making unforgettable memories.

How are you coping during the pandemic?
Over the course of the pandemic, I have been able to do more art while exploring different styles and mediums. This, along with gardening and playing tennis, has been a great way for me to find peace and routine during these chaotic and abnormal times.

What words of wisdom do you have for Online students?
Whether it be through classes, clubs, or other extracurriculars, NCSSM Online provides wonderful opportunities to meet other people from diverse backgrounds and geographic locations -- use this chance to get to know about others and also tell them about yourself!

Why should prospective students and their families consider NCSSM Online?
The online program allows for students to continue attending their home high school, while also taking part in the wonderful honors courses and opportunities offered at NCSSM. Prospective students and their families should definitely consider applying to NCSSM Online because it allows for you to be assimilated into the NCSSM student body and experience from the comfort of your home school.