Chris Samojedny ’21

Chris Samojedny ’21

Oct. 2020

Hometown: Beaufort, NC

Home High School: East Carteret High School

What's your favorite part of your job as an Online Ambassador?
My favorite part of being an Online Ambassador is being able to meet interesting people from all around the state. NCSSM is a hub for talent, brilliance, and creativity, and being at the front lines of admissions allows me to take it all in.

What's your favorite part of NCSSM Online?
My favorite part of NCSSM Online is the community established between everyone. I have made some wonderful friends, and I continue to meet amazing new people every week.

What's the biggest challenge you've encountered in the Online program?
The biggest challenge I have encountered in the Online program is working to learn instead of working to finish. A lot of the time with online classes, we get so consumed with finishing the work and moving on since our weeks are displayed for us that we forget to slow down and soak in the material.

What's an "aha" moment you've experienced in one of your Online classes?
One of the most notable "aha" moments was when I read "Stone Animals" by Kelly Link in my Honors Ecocriticism class. This beautiful story about fuzzy binaries was so complex and confusing that it did not seem like it made sense. However, after doing research on the story, I discovered its efforts to depict the fizzling out of the binaries between nature and civilization, women and men, dream and reality, etc. Looking back on the story, it could not be more obvious in the writing.

What are two of your greatest interests or passions?
My two greatest passions are songwriting and feminist advocacy. In the same way that sharks require movement to stay alive, I require music to live a happy and fulfilling life. Songwriting provides me with an outlet to speak my mind. Additionally, some of my music will be available on streaming platforms shortly. Moreover, I have always been interested in being an advocate for women's health. I think that it is so important that men get involved in feminism to prove that it is not just a women's movement, but a human rights movement.

If you had one year of freedom, what would you want to do?
If I had one year of freedom, I would want to spend it visiting beaches in France alone, especially St. Malo. This solitude would allow me to focus on my music and create beautiful pieces.

How are you coping during the pandemic?
During the pandemic, I have coped by virtually staying in touch with my friends every day and taking up a new hobby: roller skating. Roller skating forced me to get some fresh air and take in the beauty that is my home town.

What are you looking forward to in the coming school year?
This school year I am looking forward to getting my music produced and ready for release!

What words of wisdom do you have for Online students?
My advice for Online students is to always find time for relaxation. A lot of the time, stress from classes can overwhelm us and cause a dearth of creative thought. One needs relaxation to drive imaginative thinking. So, take a break, relax, maybe watch Netflix, and then get back to that essay! You will write much better material; I promise.

Why should prospective students and their families consider NCSSM Online?
NCSSM Online allows you to decide how you want your education structured. You choose your classes (with few requirements) and as a result, NCSSM Online lets you have more control over how your junior and senior years of high school will look.