Joshua Kupras ’21

Joshua Kupras ’21

Sept. 2020

Hometown: Pisgah Forest, NC

Home High School: Rosman and Brevard High

What's your favorite part of your job as an Online Ambassador?
My favorite part is that I get to help kids become successes and help with deciding their future.

What's your favorite part of NCSSM Online?
My favorite part is how flexible the classes manage to be with scheduling, while still maintaining A grade classes with their content.

What's the biggest challenge you've encountered in the Online program?
The biggest challenge was that because the courses are at a higher level than most high school classes and contain less linear assignments, my first class had a learning curve because I actually had to spend quite a while learning the material and answering questions.

What's an "aha" moment you've experienced in one of your Online classes?
We had a group assignment for Civil Engineering where we had to design a roof, and my job was to calculate how the wind would interact with a two roof surface at an unspecified angle and what that reaction would look like. It took a really long time of reading through the materials provided and sketching out possible formulas before I finally figured out what path I had to go down to figure out the result. The process of making my own formula to solve the problem turned out to be really fun in the end.

What are two of your greatest interests or passions?
One of my greatest interests is Aerospace Engineering, and spacecraft in general. Space is a really cool area that we haven't explored much of. One of my greatest passions would be game development, with my current project looking like it is set to release in a few months, possibly around Christmas.

What have you missed most during the pandemic?
While I have definitely missed a lot of things, the thing I have missed most would be talking in person with my friends.

How are you coping during the pandemic?
I am looking forward to doing stuff again and using my brain to solve difficult problems

What are you looking forward to in the coming school year?
Applying for college.

What words of wisdom do you have for Online students?
I would tell upcoming online students to not go for the easiest classes, or the classes that might look the best on a transcript, but to go for the classes that look most fun. It took a lot to get in, enjoy it while you are here.

Why should prospective students and their families consider NCSSM Online?
They should consider NCSSM Online over other programs as NCSSM has a very well knit family of educators and students, much more so than any other online program. If you are considering online vs. residential, take in mind how much flexibility you want and whether you are ready to leave home yet.