Peyton Sumrell ’23

Peyton Sumrell ’23

Oct. 2022

Hometown: Wilmington, NC

Home High School: Laney High School

What's your favorite part of your job as an Online Ambassador?
Being able to introduce NCSSM to students in my area who may not have heard of it otherwise

What's your favorite part of NCSSM Online?
How I’m able to still do the things all of my friends from home are participating in, like going to football games

What's the biggest challenge you've encountered in the Online program?
Making sure I can attend my weekly Zoom

How have you met that challenge?
Making sure when I register for classes I really pay attention to what day the meeting is

What's an “aha” moment you've experienced in one of your Online classes?
When my forensics teacher told us she actually worked in the field and it all made sense that the teachers are so knowledgeable because most of them have had first hand job experience on what they're teaching

What are two of your greatest interests or passions?
Mental health awareness and fashion trends

If you had one year of freedom, what would you want to do?
Travel the world

What are you looking forward to in the coming school year?
Finishing high school strong and making lots of new memories

What words of advice or wisdom do you have for Online students?
Become really good at time management so you don’t fall behind.

Why should prospective students and their families consider NCSSM Online?
It’s a great way to still get the perks of NCSSM without having to totally leave home and have such a huge change your junior year.