NCSSM to host inaugural Anaconda Data Science Expo

NCSSM to host inaugural Anaconda Data Science Expo 

March 2023

On Saturday, May 13, NCSSM-Durham will host a data science expo organized by Anaconda, a leader in open source data science tools that are used across the world in research and business. NCSSM-Online students are encouraged to register for the event for a chance to win scholarship money and showcase their work to a panel of experts from industry and academia. You can use some of your existing coursework and research as a starting point for this expo, which will look for you to highlight aspects of your data analysis to tell an impactful story related to your project outcomes.

The structure of this event will be both an Exhibition, where students will showcase their projects in front of world-class judges from the Data Science space, as well as a Live Coding Challenge. A student can enter more than one competition category but is not required. Students are also allowed to enter a category as a "team," consisting of up to three students.

Students will have the option to enter the competition in three ways:

For the AI and Viz Sections (Points 1 & 2 above) of the competition, students will then apply their category to one of the following topics in any way they see fit:

We will identify regional winners for each competition category. Winners will receive up to 5K USD in scholarships!

Not sure how to start? Don't worry! Anaconda has provided some introductory learning modules to get you up and running fast. Check out the learning kits to get comfortable with python, anaconda, machine learning, or whatever else you might need to take your idea from the brainstorm phase to a great final presentation. You can also talk to your NCSSM-Online instructor for ideas on how to get started!

You can register now by visiting: