UniHacks 2022

Feb. 2022

Over the weekend, more than 92 students participated in UniHacks 2022, North Carolina's first student-led, high-school hackathon themed around entrepreneurship. With almost $400 in prizes available, teams of students from across the state, including students from the NCSSM-Online program, participated in the 36-hour event that paired students with industry professionals, and offered engaging workshops and an incredible environment for collaborating on student-led projects. A keynote address, delivered by Rich Balot (NCSSM ’95 and Founder and CEO of Victra), kicked off the event Saturday morning. Check out the recording if you're interested in learning more:

UniHacks 2022 video.mp4

The event was organized by NCSSM students Timothy Laskoski, Sherry Liu, Destiny Okonkwo, Pratham Patel, and Suhani Ramchandra and was held on NCSSM's Durham campus. For those participants unable to attend in person or who preferred a virtual work environment, a vibrant Slack workspace was also set up to coordinate efforts. The event attracted amazing advisors, many from the NCSSM alumni network, to provide advice and hands-on help for student projects, and culminated in over 21 projects produced and shared. See their amazing work displayed here.

We hope that all of the students in our Online program will consider participating in UniHacks 2023!